A Staggering New Death Toll for Syria's War -- 470,000 ...

A Staggering New Death Toll for Syria's War — 470,000. ... a group that tracks the deaths of health-care workers in Syria, ... placing Syria's total economic loss by the end of 2015 at an ...

Casualties of the Syrian Civil War - Wikipedia

According to the Syrian opposition website Syrian Martyrs, the conflict's death toll was 151,888 up to 30 April 2016, which was the time of its last update. The number includes 35,859 rebel combatants but does not include members of the government security forces or pro-government foreign combatants who have died.

Death toll in Syria: numbers blurred in fog of war

Death toll in Syria: numbers blurred in fog of war Grim total of 511,000 casualties may be disputed but each death is vital to accountability

Syria: Death Toll Tops 60,000 - Human Security Centre

The United Nations announced that the total death toll in Syria has passed 60,000. In summer of 2011, roughly 1,000 people lost their lives per month. The figure has now risen to 5,000. It is said to be a conservative estimate with the actual numbers likely to be far higher.

About 475 thousand persons were killed in 76 months of the ...

The total number of civilian casualties is 99617; and it is distributed below according to party that caused the death: By raids of Bashar al-Assad's regime warplanes and helicopter 23664 civilian casualties, and they are: 15164 men, 5179 children under the age of eighteen and 3321 citizen women over the age of eighteen.

2018 death toll Syria war's lowest at under 20,000: monitor

A total of 19,666 people were killed during the year as a result of the conflict, which erupted in 2011, the Syrian Observatory Syria's nearly eight-year-old conflict saw its lowest annual death toll in 2018 as the regime reasserted its authority over swathes of territory, a war monitor said on Monday.

The Death Toll in Syria: What Do the Numbers Really Say ...

When the United States' Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) released its eighth summary of the Syrian death toll in mid-2015 it painted this confused picture: 230,000 total deaths, between ...

Russian Armed Forces casualties in Syria - Wikipedia

The Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War started on 30 September 2015, with 4,000 Russian military personnel being stationed in Syria. The Russian forces also consisted of 25 strategic bombers, 20 tactical bombers, 12 attack bombers, 8 fighter aircraft, 16 attack helicopters and various other aircraft.

Terrorism: number of deaths in Iraq 2006-2017 | Statista

The statistic shows the number of deaths in Iraq due to terrorism between year 2006 and 2017. In 2017, around 4,269 people were killed by terrorists in Iraq. Iraq suffered not only from the most ...


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